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1000s of people have been signing up to use our AI lawyer features over the last few hours.

So we can cope with the demand for our AI lawyer, we have opened up a waiting list.

The people at the top of the list each month will get free access to our AI lawyer features.

Everyone else can still access our template and clause libraries and our full editor (minus AI).

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If it looks like a lawyer...

Genie, our AI lawyer, can pass legal exams in the USA.

It takes the GPT-4 base-model and ingests the kind of legal knowledge a lawyer simply can't hold. 30 million clauses across 2 million legal documents in the UK and USA, as well as our own data on signed deals.

Genie knows how to create fair and legally-sound market-standard documents, so you can get deals signed quicker than ever ⚡️

...and it acts like a lawyer,

Genie makes suggestions in-line, and explains the suggestion in a comment, just like your lawyer would.

Ask Genie what you would ask your lawyer:

Ask Genie to scan your entire document (even for documents with 50+ pages) to tell you if anything is missing, based on what it knows about your business.

Ask Genie to explain a clause to you, and it'll do so in plain english and even suggests better wording for you.

Ask Genie if a clause is fair, or if it leans in your or the counterparty's favour.

Want it to do all of the above? Instantly? Across your entire document? 

Genie can do that too 💪

Then it probably is a lawyer!

But instead of:

• starting with a blank page
• waiting days or weeks for a response
• receiving huge legal bills from lawyer hourlies

With Genie

• Use our 5000 open-source legal templates (US & UK)
• Find, draft, edit, and review in 15 minutes
• Pay £6 or $9 to unlock smart-assistance per doc

Welcome to the end of the billable hour

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Much better than employing a legal professional"

- Tony
General Manager (UK)
Hospitality, 501-1000 employees

"I've saved £1000s in legal fees."

- Isabelle

Founder @ Cercula

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No more being charged £500/$850 an hour by lawyers


No more sharing different versions of the same doc


Get time back to focus on your business

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